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EVENT: Chili & Quackers
Adopt & Race Your Duck!


October 9, 2010: Join us for the "Chili & Quackers Challenge" event at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Call 858.509.9445 or click image below for more information.

Water for Africa - Chili Quackers - Duck Derby and Chili Cook Off, Del Mar, San Diego County, October 9, 2010

Water for Africa - Why Water Treatment Systems?

Over 20% of the World’s Population are Without Clean Drinking Water: Over a billion people—20% of the world’s population—lack access to clean drinking water in the developing world. About 4,500 children die each day from unsafe water—almost one every 20 seconds. According to the United Nations, in Sub-Saharan Africa 350 million children and families (45% of the total population) lack access to clean water.

Water for Africa - the gift of Water, water for life

Water for Life International - Water for Africa Living Water™ Treatment System

The Living Water™ Treatment System (LWTS™), a trademark of WMI, is designed to remove suspended contaminants from the water source and add an appropriate concentration of chlorine to keep the water safe for drinking and cooking.

All systems produce clean water at a rate of approximately 10 gallons/min and are capable& of meeting the daily drinking and cooking water needs for